Novidades: Flat out Celeste

celesteEu postei aqui uma resenha sobre Flat out Love, esse é com certeza um dos meus livros favoritos e um dos mais bem escritos que eu já li. Então, se você lê em inglês, clique aqui para comprar o livro, tenho certeza que você não ira se arrepender, Jessica Park é uma autora maravilhosa e para nosssssaaaaa alegriaaaa teremos mais um livro na série Flat out, dessa vez sobre a Celeste.

Como vocês podem conferir na resenha de Flat out Love, Celeste é uma menina que sofria muito com a distância do irmão mais velho, Flinn, e com a ajuda de Julia ela conseguiu ir superando esse trauma e mesmo sendo uma personagem secundária, ela roubou a cena inúmeras vezes em Flat ou Love.

Até o final da primavera (nos estados unidos) a autora deve lançar o livro. Aqui vocês pode conferir um teaser!


And so in short, that it what is meant by reductio ad absurdum.” Celeste beamed at the class and closed her laptop. This past month had been worth it. And the joy of finally releasing her pent-up energy and excitement over this philosophy presentation had paid off. It had gone flawlessly. ”So the next time that you find yourself in a situation in which you must prove that something is true by showing it to be false, you’ll be sensationally equipped.” It really had been quite the fantastic and through presentation, although her classmates’ blank expressions did not appear to reflect so.  Not that she cared. A boy in a blue skull cap looked as though a medically-induced coma might cause more reactivity, and the girl with the possibly illegal-length mini-skirt was shooting a death stare in her direction. Celeste looked to her teacher, Mr. Gil, to see if his response was different. He appeared stunned. Something was wrong. Something had happened. What, however, she didn’t know. She shut her eyes for a moment and ran over the past forty-five minutes. Had she forgotten something? No.

Mr. Gil pursed his lips and appeared to hold back a smile as he left his seat near the window. She didn’t see anything the least bit amusing about the situation. In fact, her spirits were plummeting dramatically. “That was… quite… It was quite brilliant. Are we sure you’re a senior in high school and not already defending a dissertation?” He winked just as the bell sounded loudly, and Celeste could breathe again. She had pulled it off.

Students brushed past her, one bumping her laptop and another not-so-accidentally stepping on her foot. Celeste looked straight forward and let their faces fly past her in a haze. It would not be good to focus now. She could see the eye rolls, and even under the clamor of the bell, she could hear the mumblings.

What a nut bag. Who understood anything she said?

I have, like, never been so bored in my entire life.
Freak. Loser. Weirdo.
I don’t care how totally hot she is, that was not normal.

She clutched her laptop into her body until the room emptied.


The bell had stopped, but a new noise took over in her head. But what was it? Celeste focused. It wasn’t the sound of wind or static.

“Celeste? Are you all right?”

“Oh? Me? Yes, of course. I’m quite all right.” She turned and smiled at Mr. Gil. She liked him. He was a kind man, and always spoke in a gentle voice. He also smelled chronically of wet leaves, but she could forgive that because he should not be faulted for an unfortunate cologne choice. She considered telling him of his error but decided against it. It might hurt his feelings, and she knew how that felt. His odor was not her business.

“Are you sure? Your report was very through. I would imagine it might have been exhausting to present. You packed a lot of information in. As always, I’m impressed, and I admire how hard you clearly worked on it.”

“I enjoy research. It is energizing and inspiring,” she said. Smiling hurt her cheeks, but she did it anyway. Her face did feel unnaturally heated, so that might be why her face stung. It must be a flush from such full-force academia, she reasoned.

“You sure you’re okay? I’m sorry if the class didn’t respond with as much interest as you hoped. Some of the material may have been a bit beyond them.”

“I had expected the turnip metaphor to go over better, but it seems not everyone appreciates a clever philosophically-grounded root vegetable reference.”


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    Rá! Celeste cresceu… fiquei curiosa! vai entrar na minha lista.

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[…] já havia escrito aqui no blog que Celeste teria um livro para ela, mas essa semana a autora confirmou que até o […]